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Mina Pasha is an accomplished Professional Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Medical Reiki Master, Sound & Vibrational Healing Therapy Practitioner, and Facilitator, with a deep commitment to guiding individuals through personal challenges and self-enhancement journeys. Her primary objective is to provide comprehensive guidance, empowerment, and validation to each individual she works with.


Graduating from the esteemed Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the only nationally accredited college for Hypnotherapy, Mina Pasha boasts a solid educational foundation. In addition, her credentials include a Master Practitioner Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Handwriting Analysis, Inner Child Work, Pain Management, Weight Loss, Tinnitus, Sports Performance, and Smoking Cessation.


Mina's expertise encompasses a diverse range of areas, including aiding individuals and families in conquering the adverse impacts of addiction, cultivating personal growth through Mindful Awareness practices, and addressing issues such as chronic pain, fears, phobias, and sleep disorders. She excels in assisting clients in overcoming trauma-induced emotions like anxiety and anger, managing profound loss, and breaking free from detrimental habits such as smoking and procrastination.


Recognizing the uniqueness of each person's life story, script, and plan, Mina Pasha is dedicated to guiding clients toward tranquility and comprehension. Her interactions with clients are driven by a desire to promote enlightenment, inspiration, comfort, positive transformation, and inner peace.


Mina's affinity for teaching and public speaking shines through in her comfort with on-stage and classroom settings. With a natural ability to connect with students globally, she is fervently passionate about instilling the practice of listening to one's inner guidance. Mina believes that genuine personal empowerment originates from within, and her life's purpose revolves around assisting others in recognizing their authentic selves and accomplishing their aspirations.


Central to Mina's philosophy is her unwavering commitment to facilitating the happiness and purpose of others. She extends a warm invitation to join her on an exploration of the innate healing potential within the mind, body, and spirit. Whether it involves achieving personal growth milestones or embarking on a more fulfilling life path, Mina firmly believes that hypnosis, imagery, and mindfulness are potent tools for effecting positive change.


For Mina Pasha, her life's calling lies in reaching out to individuals who are on the path to personal transformation or seeking it. Witnessing souls release their pain, uncover their inner strength, and discover their life purpose is a deeply fulfilling experience for her. She looks forward to the opportunity to facilitate similar transformations for you.


To explore the potential of embarking on a successful partnership, Mina invites you to reach out for a complimentary phone consultation. This session serves as an opportunity to ask questions and delve further into the possibilities that await her guidance and expertise.

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