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“I was hesitant to try hypnosis, but Mina quickly put me at ease. I had done years of beneficial therapy, and I think I understood logically what was troubling me, but I still had difficulty changing behavioral patterns in my everyday life. Because of the COVID-19 shutdown, I had a wonderful and productive set of online hypnotherapeutic experiences that have changed my trajectory. In a way, online probably allowed me to try something in the security of my home that I might not have tried otherwise. It worked great. I could relax maybe better than I would have been able to in person. I would highly recommend working with Mina. It was worthwhile for me.”



“I just wanted to write and express gratitude for you and your gifts. Finally, I had a moment to catch my breath today after a revelatory week. With a cup of coffee, journaling, and sketching out some ideas -- I feel more grounded and ready for the adventure ahead. My quality of life is glowing, sparkling, and beyond. Much gratitude to you! Thank you, Mina! “


After six years of being on painkillers, I broke down and saw an acupuncturist in Chinatown. The treatments did help a little. Then someone referred me to Mina, whom she swore by. After two sessions, the headaches became less severe and shorter in duration. Soon after, I stopped taking anything for them. Now I hardly get them anymore. It makes a difference when your practitioner understands what your problem is. I love the level of care Mina gives me, and I recommend her to anyone suffering from headaches or, for that matter, any pain.



As I type, I am sitting in the LAX airport waiting for my flight home. The flight over went well, though, and I was happy about that—a little nervousness before each flight but not horrible. I think the session helped a lot. Thank you, Mina.



I was someone who couldn’t get to sleep promptly and dragged myself around for 15 years in the work world. Enter Mina, and boom! I’m still not sure how she did it, but the hypnosis got me into a great place. I’m now more of a day person, and THAT is practically unheard of. Thank you so much, Mina. You indeed are the best!



Not sure how you did it, but after three sessions, I am migraine-free. Wow!



I was starting to feel like I’d never get off my sleep meds. Your hypnosis protocol did what nothing else could. I’ve got one word for you, Mina: Love.



I’m glad to say that I’ve felt significant effects since my hypnosis. I have not bitten my nails since. I still can remember and recall parts of our session that help me day by day. Our session has given me an awareness of those moments where I am raising my hand to my mouth or otherwise “about to bite,” and now I can recognize those moments for what they are and keep my composure. I can prevent myself from doing so. I feel I’ve gotten a good grasp on my habit overall, and I’m excited about continuing the journey from now on. Thank you again for all of your help!



I can only say, ‘Thank You. Somehow the idea of surgery lost all its charge; I no longer was worried before I went in about the outcome. When I came to, even my sister commented on how relaxed I looked. I was even joking with her. I can see now that going to you was, despite my initial skepticism, the best gift I could have given myself. I no longer am a skeptic: I know this works.



I guess I fought the whole idea of hypnosis first, but I’ve got to say you helped me through this with hypnosis. I still use the pain control technique you taught me. Thanks again.



I hope all is well. I am proud to report that I am an Ex-smoker! Not even one puff or one cigarette. It’s a few days short of five months now. I feel great and have absolutely no urges. I want to thank you again for your assistance. You changed my life for the better.

Kind regards,



I finally saw the problem once you explained it to me in a way I could understand. Diets don’t work because no matter how hard I try to be good, my subconscious has to get ‘with the program.’ Now that I’m off the merry-go-round (and the roller coaster too), I’ve dropped twenty-six pounds using hypnosis (just as you said, the hypnosis got me back into exercising). All I can say is, all of me is with the program.

I am looking forward to losing another fifteen before I’m done.


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